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It's a picture bonanza

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I've been promising some images for a few entries now, and Muhammad's taken to harassing me via PM as well [lol]

So, here are a few choice shots of my work with per-pixel lighting. It's probably worth ignoring the techniques name at the top of each image - they're roughly correct but I've messed with the algorithms so much that 'ParallaxOcclusionMapping' is probably not really POM.

The self-shadowing versions are a bit screwed due to the heavy surface acne/aliasing, but I only implemented that last night and haven't had a chance to figure out why yet.

Simple normal mapping

Parallax mapping with offset limiting

POM/RM without self-shadowing

POM/RM with self-shadowing

POM/RM with self-shadowing and debug output. RED shows the actual computed luminance, BLUE corresponds to areas in shadow.

I've got to work on the parameters to the various techniques - it's a common problem with shaders - lots of combinations of parameters to get right.

That's all for now. I'm going to visit a friend for at least the remainder of the day, which gives me quite a few hours to render a movie using the RefRast. Fingers crossed it'll actually finish this time [rolleyes]
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For some reason I always read your journal even though I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. Guess I just like shiny screenshots, good job.

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For some reason I always read your journal even though I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
Well all you need to do is buy our book when it's finished and then (provided I do a good job) you'll know what I'm on about [wink]


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