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While continuing to implement the ZDoom state machine, I decided to see if I could implement the DOOM95 fhhall cheat. Normally this would do 10000 damage to each monster, but for now I just have it set each monsters state to "death" or "xdeath"(gibbed) for the ones that have it.

I made a gif of a bunch of sergeants and zombies exploding, but it's over 1MB in size so I'll make it a link incase some poor 56k user wonders in here.

It's not exactly how it looks in-game since I had to change the times for the gif.
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Original post by Programmer16
That is one of the best gif's ever. Keep up the good work Scet!


Original post by HopeDagger
Awesome. +10 points if you add extra cool (particle engine?) gib effects. >:)

I think in ZDoom the number of "blood decals" has something to do with the amount of damage. In theory 10000 damage(2.5x the health of a cyberdemon) would cause large amounts of blood to fly everywhere [evil]

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