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19 + 1 == ?

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Happy Birthday

Hey, I'm 20 years old now. What do ya know? I can't wait to see what everyone got me. How about if anyone here wants to get me something, pick a luxurious item out in the Store and reply with a link to it. ;)





I've decided that I'll wait until the whole game is finished before I write the post-mortem. Sort of defies the name if I write it while the game is incomplete. :P


Wow, I'm utterly thrilled with the feedback I've been getting about Membrane Massacre. I know that I've really been 'tooting my own horn' here, but for such a small/simple game? Wow. And that so many people so far have actually taken the time to email me as well with their ideas/suggestions/critique, gads. It's that kind of stuff that makes me pumped to continue development and make the final release even more amazing!

Awesome art?

Indeed. Mark The Artist is wonderful. MM never looked so great!

(In return, I'll be sure to add in "Soviet Mode" in kudos to Mark (and Sapo) and Angels 22 :P)

As usual, have a good night everyone, and for stopping by to have a read. :)
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Hooray for November Birthdays!!! (My 18th was the 22nd)

I'm really looking forward to you "completing" MM, it's crazy fun even as it is right now!

Oh yeah, heres you present (its all I could find on such short notice...)

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Happy birthday! Here's your present:

Rewarded for university students who make a great game in their little spare time. [smile]

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Original post by Sir Sapo
Hooray for November Birthdays!!! (My 18th was the 22nd)

Happy belated birthday! Sorry I didn't catch you earlier! :)

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