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Blocky Man == Action Hero

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Tired of getting pwned by Space Pirates? Well, how about hijacking one of their tanks?:

Use the tank to easily cross hazardous terrain:

dcosborn suggested this yesterday, and it sounded like a cool programming challange as well as a great idea. After sitting down today and working at it for an hour, this was the result. It isn't completely done yet, but hey, BLOCKY MAN CAN DRIVE A TANK! So yeah, I'm pretty happy about it.

And trust me, running down a line of Space Pirates with the tank is...just great. And just think, I haven't even gotten the tank's cannon working yet[evil]
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Not only is the tank really cool, it serves a very valid gameplay purpose. The tank allows you to safely move over large spike pits that you wouldn't be able to cross otherwise. It also allows you to make squishies out of any poor sap in your path, but that's just for fun[grin]

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that looks like that'll be a lot of fun, i can't wait to play it :)

Question is: where is my wraith and my warthog?

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I have to admit, getting tank driving working has given me quite a few new ideas for the game.

For instance, in the fifth level which takes place in a Fantasy D&D type setting, how about riding a dragon? Or in the final level of Round World, hopping in a large UFRO and raining down electric death on your enemies. I think these type of things will add more fun to the experience, as long as they don't take away from the core platforming gameplay.

Plus I think level editors will make good use of them in custom levels.

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