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Many Thanks

Thanksgiving was yummy, as always. I'm a dark meat guy since I don't like gravy topping my turkey white meat is too dry. I also don't like stuffing or mashed potatoes. Corn and cranberry sauce? Yummy. My plate each serving consists of corn, cranberry sauce, dark meat and a buttered biscuit. Nums.

New Firefox extensions

Made an addition to my Firefox menu bar, found a much better extension to replace TinyMenu - Personal Menu. It takes up less space on the toolbar, looks better (since it's and icon) and is more customizable.

My second new extension is Faviconize Tab, which lets you shrink tabs to just display their favicon to help save space if you have lots of tabs open.

Boo, TV Tuner being a bitch

Tried setting up my Happauge TVR-500 yesterday and just got some really really messed up fuzzy, scrambled picture using the trial version of BeyondTV 4.5. Can't figure out how to get the A/V connection to display either so I can play my GameCube and N64. Might have to reinstall the drivers. Bah.

Supreme Commander!!

I've heard much talk, so I finally decided to see what all the fuss is about. I waited nearly 30mins in line to download and when it started I foolishly closed the window (the download window was a popup) and the download abruptly petered out. BAH! So I just finished waiting in line again and the 1.2 gig file is coming down the pipe once more. 2 hours to go @ ~150KB/s...

The Great Games Experiment

GarageGames announced this new thing their participating in, called the Great Games Experiment. I guess it's kinda like a 1Up/MySpace for developers, publishers and gamers to network. Haven't played around with it much, just only got as far as creating my profile and editing it a tad. I'll post about it more some other time, for now I just wanted to give it mention.

And finally...

Went to Best Buy today with my friend Sasha, walked in and saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trilogy box set on sale for 18 bucks. Hells yea. Snatched that sucker right up. KOWABUNGA DUDE!!

Oh yea I also topped 110mph (topped, as in hit it and immediately braked back down to 80) driving there and back on the parkway. Couldn't resist, you know [grin]
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