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lololol internets...

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Date line : Thursday November 23rd 2006
Time : About 3am

While waiting for a game of Supreme Commander to get going Rob's CM light goes out. Figuring it was just maintaince work our hero wasn't too fussed.

3h later it still wasn't back, however our hero still wasn't too fussed.

At 9am, after only 2h sleep, our hero is woken by his dad on the phone with NTL, they try to blame it on us, I refrain from swearing and go back to bed.

3pm still dead, 3:30pm engineer arranged... for between 12pm and 6pm monday.


The next 4 days are spent pretty much internet-less.
The first night wasn't a problem as our hero did what anyone would do; go out and get drunk [grin]

The rest of the weekend was spent using my phone to get onto myspace to continue a conversation I'd been having before things went crashy before an Oluseyi look-a-like turned up today, declared the cable modem dead, pulls out a new one and we're back on line.

Of course, like any self respecting internet deprived person at this point I did the only thing you could do; said 'meh' and went back to bed...

What? I hadn't slept much and I'm out tonight and I'd like to be slightly awake before I start having to drink caffine like a bastid [smile]

Still, got to play plenty of Neverwinter Nights 2 (Paladin for the win!) and did a tiny bit of coding (thank god for off line Win32 docs)... but mostly it was play NWN2 [grin]

In other news, my FBO101 article has been well recieved which is always good to see when you return to the world of the data dependant [smile]

Of course, now I'm back online I'm starting to think maybe the off-line time was a good thing *chuckles* but never mind [grin]
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NTL suck. Literally everyone I know who has used them have had problems.

The favorite has to be a work mate of mine who had them install a new line at his parents house. They said they'd send out some engineers and he'd be good to go that same day. The engineers came out and did the installation, digging up bits of their garden and laying the cable, but when my mate got back from work it still didn't work. Having worked in telecoms, my mate tries a few things and comes to the conclusion it can't be connected. He goes outside to find the bare end of the cable coming out of the house tucked just under the soil, not connected to anything. He phones NTL and tells them the engineers didn't even connect the wire.

Their response? "Can you see any lights on the modem?"

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I wonder how long until the NHS recognise 'data dependency' as a form of addiction requiring therapy and/or rehab...

There's been a few occasions where I've been intarwebnet-less for days or even weeks - it's amazing how much my productivity went up [lol]


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It scares me how much I feel "cut off" from the world when my internet is down for days at a time.

Society is doomed I tell you. If anyone every gained the power to completely switch off the 'net at a whim they would immediately be dubbed God.

No joke :P

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