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I finally have some decent animated clouds in my engine now. The only thing left to do is calculate normals for the skydome. I looked around the net and didn't find much on that, so I am guessing it shouldn't be any different than calculating for a terrain mesh? Just get the neighboring vertices coordinates and calculate the normals with cross() ect... After this is done, I am planning on implementing PSSM or when I get the new ShaderX5 book I will look at wolf's CSM technique and see if that will be a good fit for my RTS game. If not I am planning on implementing PSSM for shadows, and last but not least a particle engine. I am also toying around with using the GS on my 8800GTX to tessellate the water shorelines and mountain cliffs... But that will be last on the list to do. Anyway off to code some more.
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