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More filtering

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I've copied across my old bluring code into the new way of doing things, and separated it out into two separate filters (one which uses multitexturing, and one which just brute forces it with single texturing and lots of blending). The end result is the same, but the code is much nicer than the original method.

Also it highlights nicely how important it is to get good weights and offsets to do the blur, here on thel left is a bad set of guesstimate weights, on the right are the ones after I'd got the code working and went back and fixed them. As you can see the quality is much better (and for the same number of samples).

Next I've got to either add the FBO backend or rework my existing games to use the new way of doing things (and in doing so eliminate a whole bunch of duplicate code). I'll probably add FBO first, as it's nice and self contained and I've been putting it off for too long.
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