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So theres alot in a name. I mean, GDNet+ is payed for. I have a name at stake here. I mean, theres a reason I password protect my account, cause its name value. A name means alot. I dont want to tarnish ShoeString Games. Therefore im extending my game past my vacation.

Well things work, you can play it, hell you can even beat 4 levels. But why prolong the release? Polish, content, and value. Whats to say you will download and play my game over any other game out there, or just downlaod a rom of Mario or something? I want to polish this bad boy. Its going to be my first FINISHED game, and I want to make sure its something that people look at and go "Damn, SSG definatly put some work into this".

Whats the Point?
Well plain and simple, its fun. The control scheme, the buttons, the fluidity, its all there. It just seems like a decent product so far. I dont want decent, I want good, great, even AWSOME! So im going to take some time, add some menus, some music, and some new actions. The upgrade system will so far is the part im most excited about.

If its so good, wheres the demo?
Polish my friends, quality! When I get the menus/art/etc... tuned to a point that I feel comfortable about you will get an alpha and some videos (thanks to youtube). Im proud of what I did in 11 days, if I dedicate more time this will be something I can feel good about putting in the showcase, sharing with the community, and adding to my portfolio.

My roomate bought a WII, the new Zelda is awsome, and I love it (almost as much as my GF). Best Zelda ever, and I praise OOT. That says alot. Even the menus are cool. The WII definatly went in the right direction. Cheaper then the competition, and fun as fuck to play. Does it get much better then that? I hope they come out with some good first party titles, the big N needs some better games. I mean I got 20+hrs in Zelda, im on the third of nine dungeons and I havent even started on side quests. They have some time to get them out there before I need them, but I dont exactly see myself playing Madden or Cars... I need me some Zelda, some Mario, and some Smash!!!

Also my GF bought me FFIII for the DS, man I got to much shit going on right now.

So today after returning from my vacation I had a meeting with Raymond, and the big wigs. We went over what was in the game and what needs to be fixed before I can move onto the next big part of the project. Im proud to say that the comments they had fall into three catagorys : Fix/Solve/Uncapable

Fix: Blunders ive made like spelling errors or small mix ups (building a wood building with bricks, making people group to close to the map borders) and just small fixes

Solve: New content based on the tests we have run over, these will be fun to impliment :)

Uncapable: Things beyond my control, engine level stuff.

The majority of thigns were fixes and Solves, and 1 or 2 Uncapables. No big crashes, small errors on my part. I will move past this and fix my lazyness, mostly caused by faulty bootstrapping for testing purposes. I feel confident in my ablility and on my opinion have made the money they spend on me worth it. I feel so good about how things are going. It feels good to feel compitent.
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