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Finishing Touches

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Alrighty. The gameplay, graphics, art, music, and sound are all complete. I have a few finishing touches to put on it:

  1. Some of the background music has a different average level than the others, so I'm normalizing that all out
  2. I want to add the credits
  3. I need to provide a manual, so I've got to write that. Shouldn't take long

But effectively, Mop of Destiny is complete, and should be showing up sometime tomorrow evening (Tuesday, PST).

Until then, here is the final boss music:

Final Boss!
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I really love it ...the trumpets give it a bit of a James Bond feel [cool]

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Awesome music. I especially like it the trumpet and violin (those are violins, right?) portions. I can't wait to play MoD! :)

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Thanks, everyone!

Yeah, those are indeed violins and trumpets (though they are, of course, synths from Vienna Instruments, which is one of the best set of orchestral synths ever, and my music really doesn't do their power justice).

I've had a rough time putting all of the music together (7 songs in 3 days), but I'm satisfied with them all (except maybe one that I'm still on the fence about).

Anyway, I'll fix up some issues tonight, and then the whole game should be online. Wheeeee!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Change the fonts ingame to something more ... gothic :)

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