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Whoo hoo Supreme Commander FTW!

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Monday, Nov 27

Soooo I finally got to playing around with SupCom and it's pretty damn cool so far. I didn't actually play a game, however. First I made sure I was able to connect to games - I was able to make a link to a ranked game but the few times I tried joining a custom game I couldn't get a connection - the Trying to Connect screen would just sit there for a few minutes before I gave up. Hrm.

So I downloaded a few replays and checked them out. I wish the replay interface had a timeline rather than just a speed adjustment. Other than that they were fun to watch.

I also set up the dual-head support. Sweeeetness!! I thought the second screen would be just a strategic map - but it turns out you can zoom in, select units and even issue commands! How awesome is being in two places at once? [smile] Tho I think this could be considered a major tactical advantage over people with only one monitor. But who said war was fair? [evil]

So I've really only messed around in Sandbox mode, just seeing what all the units can do and testing out the game's economy - how to use the two resources in the game confused me greatly at first. But now I get it. I think my favorite race is going to the the Aeons (sp?). But we'll see.

Ugh, I wish I could play more and try an actual game but... my eyes can barely stay open. If anyone wants to set up a match just send me a PM or try and find me online, my name's Gaiiden (big surprise).


crap guess it's time to go...
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Ok, so your sister and I were talking and we think that instead of using DREWCFER for ur vanity plate, get GAIIDEN with a numberor something after it....we just think it would be cooler. Chances are, your not gonna budge. But its worth a shot!

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