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First screenie of Ice Slider

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Trapper Zoid


Random thought for today
Mad dogs and grad students play soccer in 33 degree heat.

Early Version of Main Menu for Ice Slider

Didn't get a huge amount done since last post due to aforementioned sports related activity, but I have got the bare bones version of the main menu up and working. It's pretty much a skeleton right now - only the "quit" option does anything - but the framework is there for me to add the code in for the other menu options.

Hopefully I can put together the settings submenus this evening, although there are elements in doing those that may prove troublesome.
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Original post by HopeDagger
Awesome! I was beginning to fall into screenshot-withdrawl on your journal. [grin]

Yep, it's been a long while. An awful lot of concept art but not a lot of screenshots. But it's screenshots from now on for quite some time.

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Original post by EasilyConfused
Looks really nice.

Thanks! Part of the point of this game is trying to make it look good, as the gameplay mechanics themselves aren't going to be that much of a challenge.

Cheers for that Aenigma Fonts link on the last post. Looks like an incredible resource. Bookmarked.

Yes, they're pretty darn good. Someone else on GameDev.net pointed me to them a year or so ago and I've been using them in a lot of things (Pierre and the Fish's logo, for example). One thing that's mildly annoying is many of the fonts use a lower case 'N' for the upper case - makes it look like a croquet hoop - but there's a good variety of fonts there so there's usually one for any use.

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