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Shock Therapy

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Stephen R


Firstly lets me just voice my displeasure with the ESB, Ireland's electricity company. This afternoon while I was in the middle of updating the Kernel Chaos kernel code my electricity went. One minute I'm working away, the next I'm staring at a blank screen and screaming in horror. I had no idea what had been saved and what hadn't, or if machine was okay at all. Thankfully after four hours of rediscovering what lay outside my room, the power came back. I booted up my machine and checked my projects. They were fine, everything compiled and ran correctly. But that was a scary four hours. I was one of those fools who had answered none on the poll about source control. Right after I checked my code I downloaded subversion. I now fully intend to make forthnightly cd backups, and use subversion to manage version control. I strongly recommend doing something about backing-up your code if you don't already - you don't want to get caught with you pants down like I had.

Anyway I was working on the renderer and input code today. I mostly just got the classes setup with only the core functions implemented - initialization / termination - not much client code. I should get the input code finished by the end of tomorrow. The renderer will probably only really be finished once the game ships, but I'll hope to get it functional before school starts on tuesday. A few minutes ago I sat back from my code and realized that while I had a lot of functional code I had almost no code specific to Kernel Chaos. With a bit of care I should be able to write the code so that I can use it in the next project with a minimal rewrite.

I'm now going to sit down and read the subversion docs and try to get it running tonight.
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