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So I did some talking today with Raymond. He is being generious enough to offer me a version of the S3 engine for use in my games. Basically what would happen is all of the adventure game specific things would be stripped out and any game that I wish would be built on top of the already existing base. What it would do is move me onto DirectX and abandon SDL. What I would gain out of it is definatly worth it. It would have all the features to handle the window formats, the error logs, and it would be down right efficient. I would have support for shaders and a fall back option for those that dont have one. I would gain rotation/zoom/stretch/etc... for everything, saving/loading/ basically everything that it is capable of already. I would be rolling my own map system, since I dont make isometric games. Im gonna go with it, but it creates some empty spaces to fill. Such as:

Current Game: Well I already have all my base things set around what SDL lets me do. No map scrolling, no pretty effects, nothing really special. So going ahead with the what Raymondo is allowing me to use I would have to basically code all of my game specific things to it. I dont see it being worth it to create what I have already if it doesent take advantage of the new options I have open. I could expand the concept of the game to have larger maps, new abilitys, etc... but I dont know how that would relate to what the game is.

New Game: I could yet again scrap what I have and move onto something entirly different. I could use the 3d map system that he has and make, lets say, a top down Zelda-esque game which would be nice, but who knows. It defiantly opens the doors of what can be done, its just what would be the smartest choice to do. I dont have resources available, which means no art/music. If I wanted to make a game it would have to be something small scale, yet worth while for the new things I would be capable of doing. I donno, we will see...
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