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Updated fog

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Well I updated my fog and I now allow for a more smooth transition from fading into view to out of view. Let me know what you guys think. Be nice. :)

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Gets a thumbs-up from me [grin]

You not putting this forward as an IOTD - usually a very easy way to get some feedback on new screenshots...


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Thanks jollyjeffers.

Yeah I thought about it, just not sure if it's ready. :)

The clouds are animated 3D noise and the water is animated also. Normal mapping the terrain and bumpmapping the models.

I need a better shadow mapping method either PSSM or Wolf's new ShaderX5 book is supposed to have some new shadow mapping techniques.

Going to add in foam along the shore lines but not sure on that method. Need to align the foam to the shorelines and only at the shorelines.

Once this is all done I think it will be time for IOTD. :)

BTW once SupCom is out I am getting it and anyone here wants some find me online! ;)

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