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My avatar is a sheep dressed in demon clothing

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Yep, okay, I have given in to peer pressure and thatched together some travesty of a Christmas avatar. By reading my journal you must agree that any damaged retinas are your own fault and not mine. If you agree, sign in liquid-paper on the line below:


Back to reality

Well, haven't made that magical transition to working hard on my project yet. Had my last volleyball tournament on the weekend. 6 games in 2 days. I was pretty ruined afterwards. I've been dilligently trying to finish off Diablo 2 so I can have a clean slate. Last night I got up to the last minions of Baal. They're pretty tough. If I can't beat 'em this arvo, I'm going to give D2 - Hell difficulty away for now and just hit the programming hard as I'm not too happy with all this wasted time.

Stay tuned... [wink]

*EDIT* : Changed avatar to the one generously donated by Scet!
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Pshht my zealer can solo him...its too easy.

I got some pretty good gear on him though...
Eth Valor +2
Perf BotD Zerker
Perf Exile...just to name a few ;)

Hehe, what realm you play on...or do you only play solo?

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Here's my "attempt" at art:

I think they're a little better than that travesty.

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Heya Fallin'. Well, if I could play online and trade for some nice gear, it might be a different story. What I'm doing, however, is soloing in single player, just for the challenge. I have a Level 81 Necro with maxed skellys and almost maxed poison explosion. The only "good" gear I have is the wizardspike. Obviously as I can't trade, the only gear I have is stuff I've found/runeworded.

Hey thanks Scet! I'll whack that on as my avatar now, if that's ok with you! [grin].

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