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Quick memory and perf tests

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Mike Bossy


I've been fairly busy with real life (aka Gears of War) yet again but I managed to find some time to do some quick memory and performance checks on my newly refactored engine.

I used the Fluid Studios memory manager again to check for memory leaks and such. I'm still amazed at this little library that does so much. It really is easy to use and gives such great information. The only real problem I have with it is getting it to ignore false positives in STL. I follow the instructions about ordering my includes properly but I still am getting hits in the STL code. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that my project is split up into multiple libs that are getting linked in. Either way it's only mildly annoying. The problem only rears it's ugly head when I try to do a serious stress test using the manager.

My performance checks were just using fraps to measure the frame rates I'm getting. My sample app is still running at around 1000 fps on my laptop so adding the extra abstraction into my engine really didn't affect things. I didn't really expect to see anything different but it's still nice to have some hard validation.
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