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Blah, Bleh and Blargh

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Wednesday, Nov 29

I've decided I hate sleep. It sucks. I wish I never had to sleep ever again, and I could just stay up forever and do stuff till I finally do go to sleep and never wake up again. Damn straight. So yea I'm just up cause I don't feel like sleeping. Wheeee

So yea I finally got around to piecing together a little xmas list to disperse to the family members. I don't really find myself wanting much this year. I just listed a bunch of movies and games that I wouldn't mind having, nothing huge. I guess with my new car and computer I feel rather satisfied. Crap. I'll have to remember this. Note to self - do not over-self-indulge within 4 months of xmas time. Oh well. I did ask for DDR and Guitar Hero II for PS2, and I may not actually have to buy one. If my friend Sasha manages to get his mitts on a PS3 he'll prob just give me his PS2. Just so he can say that now I have one - he's been needling me about being a Nintendo fan for years. Years I tell you.

So yea, it being the holiday season and all, I've switched over to my holiday dressings as you can see. If you're interested in how this avatar came about, then read on. Kudos again to nts!

So yea (I dunno why I keep saying that, but I just realized that I am), I gave the first GI Seminar that I've done in a while over on the GI site (duh). Had a real nice turnout of 8-10 people. I'm going to have to post up some news releases here at GDnet and elsewhere now that things are starting to get back underway with that program. If anyone's interested about speaking on anything related to game dev, PM or email me!! Make some extra cash!! (up to $150 for a 90min lecture!).

Yea so (little bit of variety here) GarageGames released TGB v1.1.3 just recently - making that development itch ever more prevelant. It's only a matter of time before I have to download it and whip up something. The urge is slowly growing...

So tomorrow we're going to try to get a bunch of GDNetters on GPG and do some SupCom battling. Chatroom will be GDnet, password (I think I can set one) will be "gamedev". If someone beats me online and wants to set that up, go ahead. I won't be on till like sometime between 10 and 11p EST. Lookin forward to playing an actual game...

Finally, I went online and found one of the songs from Guitar Hero II that I absolutely crave. This is the song to freakin rock out to. I can actually get by pretty well on Expert mode in this song. Not bad considering my combined GH time is like... 6 hours? Or so. But anyways I uploaded it for you all to enjoy as well, cause it kicks ass.

Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk

Alright I guess that's it... I have to get up a wee bit earlier than usual to get to the Nissan dealer on my way to work - have to schedule an oil change since I'm taking a trip this weekend and have my driver-side window reset so it auto-ups properly.

See yas!
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About GI, you guys really need to make downloadable sessions of those. Similar to what MS does with the webcasts that they have on their site and have downloadable copies for those who can never make live-events.

Obviously the negative would be that you can't ask any questions or such.

I really want to see the team-coding practices but I have such a hard time making the times due to working at a hospital. So pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top could you guys have downloadable copies? :-)

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Sorry, not in the works at this time. However you can get the lecture slides from the Downloads section of the event's classroom page.

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