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trigger-pull followup

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Awright, there were, of course, a dozen little quirks that appeared immediately upon re-releasing all of the daily puzzles. I think I got all of 'em squashed now. Only one that you can still see is that the Voracity scores weren't being sent as percentages but as raw scores.

For example, the highest score for today is showing as 37.1, which is awfully low. Actually that's not 37.1, It's 371 squares with a decimal stuck in there. So if you wanna see the real scores for Voracity for today, use the following formula. . .

today's score * 10 / 625 * 100

So the 37.1 is actually 59.36%, which is a bit more respectable.

. . .or you can just wait until tomorrow when the scores will be posted correctly.

The trophies seem to be working just fine. I (flyman) have too many because I had to test 'em all, and a couple were a bit too generous. I'll likely go in and completely wipe out my own trophy case.

My plan is to add 1-2 new trophies every week. I also plan to have trophies added by the table-generator so I can have trophies that span games, like the "Daily Puzzle International Grandmaster" award for doing something like getting first place in five different games in a single day.

And maybe the "Code Zone Cubicle Warrior" award for playing the daily puzzles 30 days straight :)

If you can think of any other possibilities for awards, post 'em.

Oh, and I have discretionary awards. For example, I have a bug-finder award that is given to anyone who finds a good bug. Stuff like that. If you find a good bug for me, you'll have one of the rarest of awards :)

Oh, and finally I changed that panel at the top of my gamedev blog-page so that it'll load up games in a new browser window. Since I'm no longer sharing that panel with my games (my games now have a dynamic HTML-based panel), I made it a little friendlier with gamedev.

Hope you're enjoying 'em.
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I think Confusebox scores are showing up as ChessCards ones (in the Stat-o-Matic thing). At least, I have scores showing for ChessCards, but I've never played that, and no scores showing for Confusebox, which I do play.

Looking forward to getting some long-term stats logged :)

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Good catch. Looks like my personal concept of "alphabetical order" (which puts "ConFusebox" BEFORE "ChessCards") and the leebral relativistic societal norms were not in accord.

Gimme your handle, and I'll get you a bug-finder award. I presume you're "matt", but I wanna be sure.

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How about one for exploding a chain of pop-pies that spans the entire width of the board (before removing any complete columns obviously, that would make it too easy)?

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