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As you can see, I now have banners at the top of the journal that link to all my Showcase games. Well, with the exception of my Breakout clone, they are all there.

I haven't worked on Blocky Man that much during the week. The enemy tanks now fire a bouncing shot. It doesn't look right to me, though, so I'll have to work with it this weekend.

I see the 4E5 games are now up for download. I had originally planned to enter 4E5 with "Someguy the Conquerer", a game about a general from the Iberian penisula who attempts to conquer the Roman Empire. Oh well, I'm looking forward to playing some of the entries, especially "Mop of Destiny". I also saw a Beat em up there, which is always good.
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Nice - I was thinking about doing the same thing for my journal only this morning (although in my case I've only got the one game finished, one in development). Guess I'll have to do that now.

I'm also looking forward to downloading all the 4E5 games this weekend. I mightn't have had an entry this year, but at least I can play the ones that made it.

I might also tackle one of the music tracks for Blocky Man. I've got a few themes for a pirate based song, but they all fall flat once I try to take them from the keyboard to the computer. I think I'm doing something wrong there.

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I figure the banners will work better than my old tactic of putting a massive link that says "Play (insert title here)! Now!". I think it came out pretty well.

Some good ole' Pirate music should work fine. I think the best style for the game is just old school style video game music. I always find myself listening to songs from Megaman and Sonic rather than recent music.

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The problem is that I like to just muck about on my synth keyboard - just playing chords with my left hand with the automatic rhythym on while I improvise tuned with my right. I'm using your levels as ideas for tunes, and pirates is obviously a great inspiration for fun music! I can play some good sounding sea shanties (like What Do You Do with the Drunken Sailor?) with an electronica beat after a bit of practice at the keyboard. But when I go to the tracker program I use to write the tunes, something just falls flat and it doesn't sound nearly as good. It's really disappointing.

Plus now I'm starting to play around with ideas for music for Ice Slider, so I'm feeling a bit guilty I haven't finished a single Blockyman tune yet. I'll have to give you a few of my pre-designed tunes if you finish the game before I find my creative muse [smile].

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Just do what you can, and that will be great. I mean, I like the first Blocky Man piece you did, and I would put that one in the game as it is. I suggest just trying the song, and going forward with it even if it doesn't sound like your original idea.

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