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So much for that...

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Thursday, Nov 30

Well, I was hoping to actually get to play an actual game of Supreme Commander today, but things didn't work out as planned. First it took me longer to log in that I thought - didn't launch GPG till like quarter to twelve. Grozzler was the only one still around and informed me that he and like three others had tried to create a game but no one could connect to each other. So he and I tried setting up a 1v1, but we couldn't connect either. I fiddled around a bit, tried opening up UDP port 6112 in my router like the SupCom ReadMe suggested. The first time I mistakenly set it to, forgetting the '1' at the end. So I remedied that - still no go. So I dbl-checked my router's DHCP client list and noted that it had my computer listed with two separate IPs. Stupid router. So I deleted both and re-connected. Tried again with no luck still. Argh. Oh well I tried I guess.

Ah well. I'm heading out to PA with some friends for the weekend. Movies, Magic, Gamecube, RISK (many flavors), shooting pellet guns, exploding soda cans... good stuff good stuff. Especially the RISK. My buddy Bobby has the best RISK pictar ever up on his MySpace

WARNING: Risk will make you play for days and ignore your girlfriend, friend and family. Players might go crazy, swear, cry, throw shit, or even shoot the other player in the face. Please play safely

That's his older brother Greg lording over him in victory. Poor Bobby [smile]. People like to freaking ally up against me in RISK to make sure I don't win. And it works too. Bastards. You know who you are [wink] It's okay tho - I just sit in Australia and snipe wherever I can. Sometimes I come close to winning, haha.

Right. So see all you people upon my return on Monday.
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