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Viper 0.3

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I added a small render engine, its junky code, but atleast it shows that the Window Manager is working nicely :) When you move around the windows you will notice the rectangles become different on each screen. Meaning that each Window is working.

The source code can be found here:


There are some things the group still wants to add, but atleast we are on a roll now :) Most likely I will spend saturday cleaning up our code, and making it more readable. But I am hoping to have the render engine at a stage next friday that it can display a model on the screen. The only thing I need to do with the group is to do the memory cleaning more properly (it keeps stacking on memory). we already decided that we will do a weekly "code freeze" to basically spend a day on just fixing these types of errors, because the larger this project gets the more difficult it will be to find these errors. I know where most are, but I am mostly now trying to write in more functionality in the code and comments. We have been so giddy on getting this renderer and other things working , we completly neglected to comment our code. Its a bad practice. But I will spend this weekend addressing that and try to make it more readable :)

(if anyone can make a nicer icon PLEASE send it to me lol ;) )
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Looking good!

Although I don't usually comment, I've been keeping pretty close tabs on your journal. A lot of poeple like to make the big claims, "I'm going to build up a 3D game engine from the ground up" and of course are in way over their head and never see that goal. However, we also see folks like SimmerD, dgreen, and Ysaneya that show that some people CAN pull off these ambitious goals. I think you're looking like you're falling into that category as well. :)

Best of luck!

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Thank you :) I am glad to hear that!,

The biggest problem with making a game, is that most people have no IDEA where to start, basically a concept of a game in a beginners life is this:

How much HP does X unit have
What do I need to know about DirectX?
What Do I need to do to program

Programming is basically just doing it, there is no real secret in programming, or being good at it at birth. Its just remembering the basic rules, and also the idea you want and chopping it up in REALLY small things.

When I started I already started copying code from a Game book I bought, but I realized I was not learning the fundamentals of the game programming and thats when I decided to stop programming, take a step back. Learn C++ and more importantly: Understand pointers. The last bit is the most important aspect in Game Programming. I suggest any beginning game programmer to make a Linked List in C++. You learn a lot from it, but you also realize its a extremely efficient way of getting some basic techniques to make your game faster :)

The code I wrote uses a Linked List to keep track of all the Windows open so that it can fetch the different handles ;)

I might Write a WIN32 Api to get most newbies on a roll with that, including how to make it Multi Window. But I dunno, right now I am just getting eager to write more and more code and hopefully get a rendered model on the screen.

The Game Vyper should become is basically a Battlestar Galactica type game, but more in the trend that it uses newtonian graphics and has a fighter called a vyper. Its more or less a tech demo in the beginning then a game. If the Tech demo succeeds then Its a lot easier to continue programming the game and then come with a finished product. But personally I think we are still looking at months of development time.

Hopefully in a month we can atleast have one fighter moving around the screen ;)


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