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Scanning & Portals

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Made some mini-map fixes, to handle the case of large maps. In the case of large maps, the 512x512 fog of war texture coords are scaled to cover the whole map.

Also added more scanning into the game. I already had scanning of symbol decals, which look like writing carved into rock. Today I added scanning of corpses ( not for equipment, just for research about the various enemies ), and other entity objects ( like a computer terminal, etc. ). Also improved the scanning particle system to make it more dynamic.

There are 3 types of experience points in the game, used to unlock various skills, weapon upgrades and crystal research, so today I added & tested the code that gives these points to the player.

This morning I added some more aggressive culling to the portal system. I now cull portals wrt the current frustum better - before I was pretty much accepting any portal that intersected the infinite near plane. I also moved the anti-portal test first, so anti-portals can completely hide portals. Before, they only could hide cells and objects after the portal traversal.

I spent a chunk of the last couple days adding improvements to the level editor, including better and more controllable vertex welding, and new 'snap scale to grid' modes, as well as a 'fit mesh to triangles' option to help get things lined up. I also added code to allow overlapping selected meshes to push themselves out of the way of existing meshes.

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That scanning thing not only looks cool, but sounds like an interesting game mechanic. I like seeing more of it [smile]

Keep up the good work,

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