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Textmode madness

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i've been doing alot of textmode junk lately and i figured i'd go and see if i could get a reasonable way to add color to stuff. i got this cool little Color class made up that you can use in a cout line and i couldn't help throwing a program together to show it off!

here's a code snippet:

cout	<< Green
<< "You stand in a field, nearby " << LightGreen << "Tantegel" << Green << " castle. Outside the" << endl
<< "castle is a bustling town, " << LightGreen << "Brecconary" << Green << ". A foreboding fortress" << endl
<< "looms on cliffs in the middle of a bay to the south. " << endl
<< endl
<< "Enter [" << White << "T" << Green << "]" << LightGreen << "antegel" << Green << endl
<< "Enter [" << White << "B" << Green << "]" << LightGreen << "recconary" << Green << endl
<< "Head toward [" << White << "G" << Green << "]" << LightGreen << "arinham" << Green << " (3 turns)" << endl
<< "Head toward [" << White << "K" << Green << "]" << LightGreen << "ol" << Green << " (4 turns)" << endl
<< "E[" << White << "x" << Green << "]plore the field" << endl

i could probably do the option selection a little cleaner, but i was just throwing together something quick to see how awful it'd look. if you start with a line and don't bother with color until you've got it written out, its not too terrible. i'm even gonna keep working on this game and see where it goes ^_^ it feels like such a waste of time, but screw it.
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A reccommendation for making life even easier:

Make a function (or class) that takes an output string to display, but use colour codes to indicate colour changes. That way something like

cout << "Enter [" << White << "T" << Green << "]" << LightGreen << "antegel" << Green << endl;

can become:

MyOutput << "{g}Enter [{W}T{g}]{G}antegel{g}\n";

Interpreting {g} as a colour change to green, {W} to white, {G} to light green, etc. This method is very common in MUDs, and works oodles easier than having to manually cut your string up with <<'s every time you want to insert a colour.

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