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Tidying up and fixing bugs

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After getting a fresh copy of GCC 4.1.1 installed, I went about fixing up all my dependencies. I had previously been using precompiled binaries because I couldn't get anything to compile under MinGW. So I rebuilt most of my dependencies from source and installed them in /mingw/mingw32. Here's what I ended up with:

bzip2 1.0.3
curl 7.16.0
expat 2.0.0
freetype 2.2.1
giflib 4.1.4
jpeg 6b
libmng 1.0.9
libpng 1.2.13
libungif 4.1.4
lua 5.1.1
tiff 3.8.2
zlib 1.2.3

I left the Xiph.org libraries for later and I couldn't do CMU Sphinx because it depends on a pthreads implementation which all seem to be LGPL. I grepped the code and it looks like they've only got a few lines of pthreading, so maybe its possible to port it over to win32 threads.

The bug I was having trouble with yesterday didn't go away. So I submitted a GCC bug report and temporarily patched up my code by making the std::vector static. I'm looking forward to moving on tomorrow.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.
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