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Small Update

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A groupmember has found the Bug in the memory, we made a huge mistake in our DirectX implementation and apparantly the screens it was showing was not being cleared after a new triangle was drawn. But the Memory seems to be stable now.

I will prob post a small update on sunday with the minor fixes in it. Other then that we are going to be making the renderer abstract so that we can also if we want to implement openGL at a later time. I will be formatting my PC today because Vista and Visual Studio 2005 are not good friends, its quite amusing how a microsoft product that always touted to get more features in Windows Vista cannot even run properly without a lot of hic ups. Furthermore the security system in Vista blocks most of my installations aswell and as a result crash my VS2005.

Another big complaint of Vista is that it costs 350 dollars in the US to get a full version at retail This is the ultimate edition, honestly thats for me a reasonable price. But here comes the price in holland, most likelythis is as a result from the EU finning Microsoft so much, but I have to pay roughly 600-700 DOLLARS for Windows Vista, its ridiculous that there is such a different in price with the european countries. Its almost becomming more reasonable to get it in the US and trying to get it through the customs. Its just stupid that they have the nerve to make such a price desparity and then claim its because of how Expensive Vista is.

I doubt I will buy Vista at that price, its absolutely idiotic that they have the nerve to ask so much for it. And yes it annoys me because I will have to buy it when it comes out in januari but I think I will postpone it till atleast the Summer hopefully, I can get a ultimate edition through my student MSDN by then. Otherwise I will just not buy it. :)

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