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Lua Scripting almost done...

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One of my targets is to make almost everything in my engine accessible from lua scripts. Another one is to make calls into the lua scripts from within my engine/game.

After searching for the right way to do it (because I want to keep the usage as simple as possible), I stumbled upon this page: Cpp convinient Lua Wrapper Class. This very nice piece of code is just what I needed.

So I say a big thanks to the guys of the yag2002 group who made their source available. I had to change some stuff because I use my own memory manager within lua (yes, my own lua_alloc function) and I don't use the STL. So, I had to get rid of those iterators.

Finally, I was able to test it within one of my games.

But there are still some things to do:

1. I don't want to use only one huge lua script but want to be able to use several small scripts. So I have to write a wrapper class, that can handle this and to which I pass the functions available.

2. The class functions are directly passed to the lua_state which is bad because I want to "manage" those functions without having to load any script beforehand. So I have to write a function manager class to which I may register any function with in and out parameters.

3. Whenever I load a script that I want to execute, I have to "attach" all functions that I have registered within the function manager class to the script (unless I find an easy way to "extract" the needed functions and pass only those).

4. I have to be able to get an "identifier" into lua which helps me to access the "right" C++ class instance of an object in my game.

So, to give you an example of what I would like to do:

Imagine I have a Button Class. I want to attach a lua script to that button which is executed whenever the button is pressed (or have a _down and a _up lua function in the script). This means that the Lua script has to know *which* button function of which object has to be called (there might be 10 buttons with a different lua script for each of them).

Well... I have to think about this :)

Have fun
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