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Bad Dudes: Best game ever or Greatest game ever?

Looks pretty impressive. Graphically, the game looks very nice and polished.

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Cheers, but polished it most certainly isn't. I ran completely out of time so the end boss AI is no better than that of the other characters. Didn't have time to put multiple materials in for the monsters, the dialogs were written in the space of about 20 seconds, the animation code is complete I just didn't have time to put in the code to change the arm movements or "take damage" states... and there is no game over, you win/lose screen [sad]

I also had no time to balance the gameplay, so it most likely is too easy or too hard (most likely easy). The only things about it I was truly happy with were the physics, sound and the particles and of course Rim's most amazing mouse gestures (they really are pretty special in my biased opinion [wink])

Development will continue on with it though ...once Rim and I have had a couple of weeks break from coding. I still wake at night in a cold sweat after nightmares about AccessViolationException's [dead]

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Original post by ShoeStringGames
Wow cool theme. This is probably the coolest looking one ive seen. Did you do this yourself?

Thanks [smile]

Yea, it looks pretty ugly if you have the white theme for the rest of the site as the quote and edit buttons don't work well on darker backgrounds and can't be skinned through css, but if you have the black them then it looks ok.


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