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Blocky Man vs Space Pirates

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Crush the Space Pirate resistance in this new demo.

As usual, the level is unbeatable, but you can play through it. Also, you can edit the level in the level editor.

To use the tank, you first must kill the driver, then jump onto the top to get in. Jump again to get out of the tank. While in the tank, press space bar to fire the cannon.

This level is considerably more...I guess...linear than the other levels(Not that the other ones have been that non-linear). I did however manage to stick a secret passage into the level, so see if you can get to it.

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Recommended Comments

Very nice.

Cool and all as tanks are, my favourite par of this level are the timed platforms.
Puts you under a bit of pressure!

Good work.

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I also thought the timed platforms came out well, especially the large structures made exclusively of timed platforms.

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The demo was really fun. The only thing is, it still seems like you dont have any time based animation or anything, the game chugs so slowly for me.

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It's still running slow? I had changed it a few days ago to use SDL's Tick routine to update, which should have made it run better.

I'll look it up and see if there is a better solution.

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Very fun! Took me a while to get used to the controls, but I like it.

However I, too, am having perf issues. They seem to be intermittent, though I can't figure out exactly what causes them. It'll be running fine, then something will happen, and it'll be slow. Then it'll speed back up to normal.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for playing!

These performance issues seem strange to me, as Blocky Man isn't exactly a CPU intensive experience[grin]. It probably has to do with my timing routine.

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