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Hardware failure

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oh well... I just passed 3 hours this day tracking down a problem in my new machine. The symptoms were quite "ugly": Whenever I bootet my machine for the first time, after some minutes within windows, there was a glimps of a BSOD and an instant reboot of the machine.

I first thought that it was due to some old drivers, bios, whatever, but after having updated every single component of my machine to the latest drivers, the problem still persisted. Heck, I even thought it was my freeware virus scanner so I bought a version of bit defender.

Finally today, the machine bootet and everything was slow! I mean, not 2 seconds before explorer opens but literally 3 minutes! Anything that had to access the drives was slow. It was then that I remarked that the computer froze whenever it had to access the DVD drive. I made a quick test and disabled the DVD drive and voila! the machine was responding as it should.

I considered a IRQ conflict somewhere but there was nothing. So I opened up the machine to rip out that damn thing. It was then that I saw that the HDD cable was a bit twisted and stuck between the HDDs and the motherboard. I pulled out the cable and remarked a scratch over it (additionally to the twisting).

Fortunately I had another HDD cable, so I replaced it, put the HDDs one slot lower (the HDD slots are right in front of the Prim Ide of the MB) so that the cable is "loose".

I did this some minutes ago and the machine seems to run at normal speed again, the DVD drive is recognized as should and I can access any drive without problem.

I'll do a "cold" test tomorrow morning to see if all this isn't due to some bad soldering within the DVD drive and not the cable as it seems to be right now.

Argh... all the time I could have spend on the lua integration!!!

Have fun...

[5 F***?/%$& MINUTES LATER]
The damn machine just had a BSOD and rebootet. So tomorrow I'll go and buy another DVD drive to see if the problem is the drive.

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I have run the memtest several times and it hasn't detected any errors.

I've just phoned the hardware store and they told me that normally the SATA stuff should run without problems with the IDE stuff. The guy on the phone told me that it might be a power supply problem...

So, I'll not buy a new DVD drive but I'll have to check the power supply. I have a BeQuiet 550W straight power supply. Normally that should be some quality stuff... How do you test a power supply for faults?

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