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I apologize....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone, long time no see!

Sorry for my lack of participation in journal land, as you may have gleaned from Mark's less image-y posts and angry subtitles, we have been pretty much swamped with homework and projects for the past couple of weeks. Our AP government and AP Calculus teachers decided to throw projects at us that are due within days of eachother, and unfortunately, that takes quite abit of time away from any kind of programming.

Angels 22
Has been worked on a grand total of about 3 hours the past 3 weeks, but our new goal is to just pump out a new demo level for you guys to play (Its much cooler than that old one), while we decide what to do next. Its going to be kinda nice to not have to cram economy or emotion into the game now, and hopefully we'll be able to focus on stuff we really want in the game. Anyways, the projects and homework are starting to be whittled down, and free time is slowing emerging from its hole, so expect some actual updates in the next week or so.

Air Force Academy
I recieved a letter from my congressman a couple days ago informing me that I've recieved a nomination to go to the United States Air Force Academy for college. Free education + guarenteed job + fast jets = yes please. I'm pretty happy about the whole deal, but unfortunately, I also recieved a letter informing me that I was medically disqualified because of a "history of GastroIntestinal Disorder", in other words, I have heartburn.... So now I have to go through this long and arduous process to get a medical waiver because spicy foods don't agree with me. Anyways, I already had a barium swallow test and an ultrasound, but on Friday was the icing on the cake......

Sticking a Probe in my Stomach
Yep, on Friday I got to have a camera shoved down my throat and then before they left, they adhered a probe to the wall of my esophagus... fun. Luckily, I was completely unconscious the whole time, but they had to use twice the usual amount of anesthetic becuase I wasn't responding to just one injection, so once I woke up, I was so confused (and apparently acting like a 4 year old). Immediatly following the procedure, I had to go to swimming practice for team pictures, of which I remember a grand total of 2 minutes. Apparently I was saying some pretty funny stuff and was the talk of the team after I left. Here's an example of the type of stuff I allegedly said in my drunken stupor:

Teammate: Are you cool man?
Me: Yeah it is kinda cold isn't it?

Anyways, after that, I went home and passed out in bed, waking up 10 hours later. Apparently I talked to my girlfriend on the phone twice and convinced my neighbors I was a pothead, but I dont remember either of those events. So yeah, not much Angels 22 has been getting done lately.

Well thats enough personal crap for now, hopefully I'll get you guys a demo in week or so, but until then, Peace Out!!
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Good luck with the medical stuff, I hope you get past it. I stayed out there at the academy this summer when we went by on a trip. We watched the cadets do some drilling; it certainly is cool looking. They've also got the most kick-ass Distinguished Visitor quarters (My dad's a retired AF Colonel, though not an Academy Grad) of any AFB, in my opinion. It's really great that you want to go there, my dad couldn't get me to even think about a service academy. Can't wait to play the new demo too!

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