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Things that go tweet in the night

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So, it's been three months already since I started my journal. I had hoped that this would become a fairly regular record of my work for Team UnrealSP, with occasional interludes of randomness. Instead it's turning out kind of the opposite. It's been another slow week. I seem to have acquired a sparrow or similar small bird that seems to like landing outside my window at half six in the morning and wake me up by chattering away for ten minutes before flying off again. As a result, due to tiredness, I haven't managed to do any work on the mod this week.

Not much of interest going on at work that I can tell you about either. We had a couple of new programmers start last week which means I'm now officially not the most junior programmer on the team! I've also booked all my holiday now since our leave year runs from January to December. As a result I'll only be in the office for another seven and a half days this year. Even better, half a day will probably be spent doing "research" - a couple of the guys are getting Wiis on Friday and bringing them into the office. I just hope we don't break the company's large flat screen TV.

I found some more Visual C++ weirdness at work this past week, though not nearly as bad as the last one:
struct Object
Object(int i)
int i;

struct Array
Object & operator[](unsigned int index)
return array[index];
Object array[1];

Array objects = {Object(2001)};

int main()
return objects[0].i;

When compiled under Visual C++ 8.0 at warning level 4 produces the following warnings:
spuriouswarning.cpp(18) : warning C4510: 'Array' : default constructor could not be generated
spuriouswarning.cpp(12) : see declaration of 'Array'
spuriouswarning.cpp(18) : warning C4610: struct 'Array' can never be instantiated - user defined constructor required
It appears somebody forgot about aggregate initialisation when writing that second warning.

In other news, I feel I need a new GDNet journal to read since EDI stopped updating regularly. Anybody have any suggestions?

Finally, since it's Advent and I feel bad about not giving you anything interesting to read about I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I have another project slowly ongoing. It's not directly game related but hopefully it will be of interest to some people here. It's a long term project, years most likely, especially at the rate I'm going. That's all I'm going to tell you for now. Still, I'm told the first step is admitting you have a problem. Err, I mean secret project. Let the rampant speculation commence.

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