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Life's been busy recently and stuff. Been working on a crappy project in PHP to learn some of the language basics and stuff, and watching way too much anime for my own well being. Hopefully I'll have some gamedev-related stuff to show in about a week's time (maybe more) - having some browser issues right now. Stupid cunting Firefox vomits all over my XSL stylesheets.

Bloody Firefox.

Also -

Hello everyone,

Student Game Developers is pleased to present our first Game Development
Lecture Series, 2006. We have two fantasitic speakers giving talks this
week as classes end. The information is as follows...

MYTHIC ENTERTAINMENT, Kristen Neal and Ben Cummings
A presentation on life in the game development industry, demos of Warhammer,
and a question an answer session afterwards.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5th, 8:00PM (may change!), OLSSON 120
Giving a lecture on programming and game development.

Celebrate the end of classes and come join us!

Too bad I have class on Monday from 6-8PM... sucks hard for me I guess. Oh well.

Also, hi Mike.
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Out of curiosity from one anime lover to another, what animes are you currently watching now?
Here's what I'm watching. Ones at the top are ones that I torrent the second it comes out, the bottom ones are more of a ... meh when I really want to watch something kind of mood. But I'm a guy that loves his Mecha :smile:

Code Geass
Soukou no Strain
Black Lagoon
One Piece
Welcome to NHK!
Busou Renkin
Hatarakiri Man

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Right now, I'm only watching a few -

Full Metal Panic! Second Raid
Death Note

I'm not much of a mech person, but Full Metal Panic is just plain awesomeness. Generally more into the more dark fantasy/gun series - Black Lagoon is actually on my to-get list, but the uni somehow found a way to block my torrents again (bah).

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