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PA... FTW!!

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Fun weekend up in PA. Left straight from work Fri evening and got up there around 8:30pm thanks to some rather nasty weather that luckily went away before I hit the mountains. So I arrived and three of my friends had already made it up there and were chilling out. We began the night with, of course a game of Risk - Lord of the Rings style. Fis and I teamed up as the Forces of Good and beat out Steph and Mattern's Forces of Evil. Yey good guys! Individually though Fis actually won the game with the most points. We fired up the GameCube next and enjoyed a nice 25-round game of Mario Party 5. I guess we retired around 4am or so. (hover over pics for captions)

Sat I woke up to the bright light of camera flashes going off behind me - bastards. Why do people always have to take pics of me sleeping??? I guess it's just what happens when you sleep on a couch. Ah well. We watched the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, it was totally bodacious. Two other friends were on their way up so I went outside to move my car so they could pull in - I ended up taking Mattern for a spin down the windy mountain road that leads down to the main highway. We ended up turning around and catching up to my two friends Rick and Jenny, who I blew past, drove reeely slow, and then dropped it to second and tore off. Wheeeee. By now it's aroun 4:30. Fis and Steph are Rutgers students, so we had to catch the RU game vs West Virginia at 8 so we ran out to Garfield's for some dinner. They cover the table with paper and give you crayons. Egggcellent.

We got back with plenty of time to spare before kickoff. Some of the gang made a quick run to the store, I stayed behind with Rick and Mattern and played some Mario Party mini-games while setting up classic Risk to play during the ball game. To make a long story short, the ball game was amazing (although RU ended up losing in 3rd OT by missing the required 2pt conversion) and we clocked in the longest game of 5-player Risk yet - 7 freakin hours baby!! Whooo!

Needless to say that was that for the night. I went to bed this time well prepared with my pellet gun hidden beneath my pillow. Yup, I did need it in the morning. Too bad I couldn't have filled it with like, rubber ammo so I actually could have shot Fis [smile]. Since we all had to be on the road around 1 we went out for some breakfast, came back and shot up a few soda cans and put some dents in the mini keg, then headed out. I was able to clock myself tearing down the mountain road to the main highway - didn't hit any traffic. Made it down in 4m:5s - top speed 80mph - avg speed ~63mph. I forgot to set my odometer so I'm not sure how long the road was unfortunately, but I would estimate between 5-6 miles. 5-6 twisty, hilly, 40mph posted speed limit miles [grin].

So as I said, good times, good times.
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So how do you like LOTR: Risk? I actually have that game but haven't cracked it open for a game yet, was going to do that at Christmas!

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I still like it better playing by Classic Risk rules, but for a nice change of game play the LoTR rules are pretty cool. The use of strongholds and leaders adds a bit more tactical depth to the gameplay. My fav Risk cover tho is the Star Wars Clone Wars Risk. That's a nice game.

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