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A case of the,,,

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You just know it's going to be a bad week when, at your 9:00am monday morning meeting, your boss says "We have no idea what the requirements are for this project yet, but we want you to tell us how much memory it's going to use by 1pm today."

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Original post by SticksandStones
That's where you say: sqrt(-1).

Then they say 'Ah! So THATS how we squirt things across the internets!'

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The answer seems obvious to me. . .

"The memory required will be eight".

Then offer to fill in the units once the specs are detailed enough to make the units clear.

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.NET developers give a shit about how much RAM something uses?

Fuck, that's a new one on me. Or is your application starting to press up against the 4GB limit?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Why is the management soooo dumb?

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