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Mesh Model

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Here is the .X file of the Vyper we currently have, as I assume there is no real copyright on a design like the vyper we just made a exact copy of it, the idea is to get this model turning around in DirectX with our rendering engine by tommorow and then add the textures to it.

The goal is then to see if we can make a small map where the vyper can move around and basically can do the funny spins and loops the vypers can do. We still have 6 weeks to go with this class, so I am quite positive we will have it done.


I also asked our modeler release to make a battlestar galactica mimic, Although I do think I will make it something completly different. For instance I find the 100 flakguns the Galactica has ridiculous lol. But time will tell, ultimatly the engine should be versetaile enough to be able to run any game. Not just what we make it. We are going for compatibility and robustness :)
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Works okay now, for me at least.

That's a nice Viper. Def post up that Battlestar model, that'll be cool to see.

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