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A New Map

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I've been spending some time creating a new map for the game, as well as the map-selection window. In multiplayer you'll vote for the map, if nobody votes the server randomly picks one...if a vote is tied it will randomly pick between the two or three tied maps.

I wasn't really happy with the old map it had some inherent problems with it's layout. So I'm going to create 2 new maps for the game. This first map has a river running through the center, I'm going to create another map with a beach theme.

I started by creating the river that will run through the city...

Then I started adding some buildings...

I noticed something was missing...from all the maps I've made so far, major patches of foliage. It might be a bit more than a major would have city, but I think it looks cool and gives a nice feeling to the city. The foliage will be one major factor in determining the theme of the map as well. On this particular map I used pine trees, instead I'll use palm trees on the next map. With different colored ground for beaches, and maybe some beachfront type buildings it will look like a totally different city.

I think I'm going to lower the water level also, it's a little high in these screenshots...

Some more screenshots of the new map...

I added the DOF to make this screen look cooler :-)

So I'm going to finish this map and then work on the next one, and I'll have another update soon w/ a beach themed map [grin].

- Dan
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Cool! It reminds me a bit of a piece of the Charles River going through Boston that has a nice wooded park along the banks. I can see hiding my gansters in there and shooting up any rivals who go by, perhaps to fuel up at the gas station. Good looking stuff.

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