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Toke it up!

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OK I've managed to re-implement weapons, and in the process, player inventories. Plus unlike the last weapons implementation, this one supports custom weapons. Unfortunately I couldn't get any WADs with custom WADs to load, so you'll just have to deal with the super shotgun and fist which where missing from the first round of weapon shots. Also they don't fire yet since weapons require rendering two states at the same time. Damn ZDoom, sometimes I think I'm the only one that liked Doom the way it came(aside from the crappy Doom2 maps).

Taking on some imps and an arch-vile with the fist is not recommended.

Also I've been working on two maps for this. Jist of it is that this guy known as "Toke" made the basic layout(lines,sectors,weapon/player placements) of about 21 deathmatch levels and then got run over by a car. The project seemed to be losing steam so I started on Map09 and since it was approved(it was my first map, I expected them to say it sucked), I started on Map20. I'm not quite happy with Map20 though so I haven't submitted it. Here's some screenshots:


Edit 2: Forgot to add that hanging things don't work yet, so MAP09 looks a bit odd.


Edit: Oh yeah, and the file extension filter for our FTP space is completely retarded.
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