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Well well well... After I made some additional tests with my machine (replaced the DVD drive to check if the problem still occurs; it did), I decided to drive to my vendor and have him replace the MB because I think that the problem is a bad soldering.

First he got the message totally wrong understanding that the machine runs fine when cold and runs bad when warm. And this although I was cristal clear... Had to correct this. Afterwards I remarked that he didn't take any notice of the tests I had already run (memory, DVD replacement, disable IDE all together, etc) so they're doing the whole stuff all over again. Also they don't want to replace the MB without having checked all that up. The guy even told me that the whole process doesn't cost me a penny unless they change anything software side (drivers/bios settings) to remove the problem... I wonder which bios setting says: "Reboot 2 times before working properly..."

The machine wasn't ready yesterday evening, so I have to bother them again today :)

Timeo, my 2 1/2 year old son, is ill. I think that he's caught all this from his sister Laura (5 1/2 years). He's really in a bad shape having above 39? C of temperature. He's coughing a lot and doesn't sleep well. So, since 2 nights I barely sleep 3-4 hours because I'm afraid of anything bad happening to him. When I first remarked his temperature 2 nights ago his whole body was trembling. That was very impressive. I passed that night beside his bed, giving him something to drink. It seems that it has calmed him down because whenever he was restless he turned to me, touched my face with his small hands, turned again and slept. Last night my wife and I relayed the surveillance. The doctor gave us the medication so there should be an improvement from today on...

Have fun,
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