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An update of sorts..

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So, it turns out that despite a vast amount of vodka and caffine abuse of late I'm not infact dead. This is probably a good thing although I've learnt that these two things combined in excess tend to bring out mild psycosis and make me crazier than normal (and appear to have rewired my brain so I need to do a 3/4 turn left to turn right and the other way around when leaving lifts and turning off stairs...).

So, aside from being crazy and discovering that I can infact survive on 4h sleep a night life has been mostly stalled at my end.

The next two FBO tutorials are in the works, I haven't forgot about them and the 2nd is pretty much done, however it doesn't flow anywhere near as well as teh first one and so I'm going to end up doing some rework on it, probably tonight and onwards.

Final year project has also kinda stalled, althought that's not a huge problem as I've got plenty of 'wiggle room' in it right now. I was hoping ATI would get back to me with a 'here, have this beta driver you sexeh sexeh coder type' so I could get at PBOs, however as this doesn't appear to be happening it looks like I'm going to have to bone up on D3D and begin the great Framework Code to get my project going.

Personal project wise, OGLWFW2.0 is still in the design phase while I try to work out a sane interface for managing windows, contexts and monitors (oh my!) without making things stupidly complicated. It's infact starting to look oddly like the same design the next generation of OGL is taking, with immutable objects and the like. More on that as it develops.

Video encoding has also stalled, but that's mostly due to lack of time and motivation on my part; it works so I've half lost intrest. I'll get back to it once I've cleared the backlog of things I need to sort out.

Finally, 9 days from now sees the 5 year anniversery of me becoming a member here... doesn't seem like it's been 5 years, time has kinda wizzed passed.. coincidentally it happens to be the same night as an alternative night here so I'll be drinking to that *chuckles*
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