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Overdue Update

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Holy geez! It took me HOURS last night to debug cConsole after installing the Platform SDK for VC++ EE. I had to mess with casting LPCSTRs and wchar_t's, and I'm still not sure if it's not working properly.

Lately I've been working on a sort of "text adventure", like a MUD, but one player. I have the room system working, and I'm making the commands system, but I thought it'd be neat to use cConsole for some of it, and one SDK installation and many wasted hours later, all I've managed to do is have a cConsole instance up. -_-

Ugh... G'night.
((Written last night))

EDIT: After reading this over in the light of day, I realized I'm technically doing Project 2 of the C++ Workshop. [lol]
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