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New Map #2 'Ocean View'

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As promised in the last entry here are some screenshots of the newest map I've been working on. This one is a coastal city called 'Ocean View', the map I showed in my previous entry is creativly titled 'Pine City'...due to the abundence of pine trees [grin].

I think this screenshot is badass so here it is again :-D

I think some parts of the palm trees are too 'black' and the tops are too 'flat' from some angles, so I'll work on that.

I'm thinking that 3-4 cities should be enough for the public BETA version.

- Dan
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Yea, just send me an e-mail dgreen@radioactive-software.com with Name, Location, Computer specs and I'll add you to the list. Should get started early '07. I probably said the same thing a year ago...this date should be a lot more certain though [grin].

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Do you still have the list of people who signed up last year? If you don't, I'm definitely still interested. The beach map looks great.

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Nice! I like how the game adapted to a completely different look and feel. However, the burnt-out, ghetto buildings seem out of place.

A quick google images search turned this up...

Typical shitty resort town:



Hideos tourists =b

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The first screenshot seems to have a lot of banding? Is that just the JPEG compression? I hope so.

Anyhow, looking great overall :).

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Texas Brigade - Yup I've still got the list of everyone who has sent me an e-mail :-)

coderx75 - Thanks for the ref images, I did a lot of searching "Miami Beach" was my favorite search words, I want to create so much more content, but I have to focus on other things, I do plan on making some themed houses for each map, and some new skyscrapers, hotels in the case of this map.

sirob - Yeaaa, these screens were taken in 16bit color mode fullscreen, I should probably take screens in 32bit mode ;-)

Thanks for comments guys.

- Dan

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What're the prices like for properties? I'd live there for those sunsets and beaches... [grin]


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