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Obey the Robot Overlords!

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Level 4, Robot City:

Yes, I actually did find a text to hexidecimal converter to create the messages on the signs.

The blue one says, "A Robot Army of Many!"
The black one says, "Always obey the Robot Overlords!"

Conveyor belts have also been created:

With all this progress, I forgot to actually come up with robot enemy ideas. I figure the previously mentioned Robot Overlords would be a good enemy. Something with Blocky seeking missiles also sounds good.
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I was considering putting a cheat code for the game in the background in hex. If the player wanted to use the cheat code, they would have to find a hex to text converter, put it in, and there would be the button command for the code.

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The next level looks great!

I just played blorp and space pirates and blockyman is still my favorite indie game out (although I'm begging for music and sfx).

Blorp was actually much harder than space pirates. It took me over 9 minutes to beat with a cumulative life of -9, while space pirates took 4 minutes and my life was a bit better.

The 'zelda' project sounds great too. If I can ever get a wii that will be the first virtual console game I download. Good luck with it and good work on blockyman.

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Why, thank you!

Trapper Zoid is working on music, and I'll probably get some stock sound effects for sound.

I also find blorp to be the hardest level, even though it is before Space Pirates. Trying to stomp on those little blorps is quite difficult, although that is what I intended. BlockyWorld is still my favorite of the levels I've created. It reminds me the most of a Super Mario game.

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