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Oh mother, I come bearing a gift! I'll give you a hint it's in my diaper, and it's n

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Gah, it cut off my quote[sad]. The whole thing is "Oh mother, I come bearing a gift! I'll give you a hint it's in my diaper and it's not a toaster."

Ok, I was going to post another movie showing the awesomeness that is the updated in-game editor, but Fraps limits it to 30 seconds and plus it runs really slow when taking a movie (never happened in any of my old projects.) So, I guess a series of screenshots will have to suffice for now:

Our starting point. There's more to the map, but you'll see that later.

Notice the black grid that appears over the map when editor-mode is enabled. Also, notice the black square on top of the tileset, this indicates your current selection.

Notice the red outlined square in the lower-left hand corner. This is where the tile will be laid.

Selecting my 3x3 plot of dirt (the black outline is kind of hard to see. I'll change that to red probably.)

Placing my 3x3 plots of dirt. Kind of hard to tell, but a preview is overlaid on the map (outlined in red.)

Lining up our stairs. The lower stairs were there before hand, I've just scrolled the map down so that they're visible now.

The finished product (one in editor-mode and one not.)

Now, your first reaction may be "OMG, WTF ARE THESE GRAPHICS AND WHAT HAPPENED TO MALYKAI YOU BASTARD!?" Well, a little while ago I had started working on a 4E5 project and the in-game editor was working a lot better than the one I had for MalykAI, so I decided to start working off of this instead of the old one (they both use the same map system, so I'm actually starting out ahead of where I was.)

Now, as I was finishing up my todo list for the editor, I realised that the map system is missing something that I almost ALWAYS include (and I'm going to need): layers. Luckily I implemented file versions, so I'll increment the file version, handle loading the old file version, and viola, I have layers. The hard part will be modifying the code that uses the map, like the in-game editor for instance =/. I'll get to work on that after work tomorrow.

Sorry to the people who use the white theme, when I changed my theme I didn't think about the text. Hopefully I have it fixed. I know that the edit and quote button text is wrong, but I need to find the class that's used for that. Thanks to HopeDagger for pointing it out!

In case you missed it, last entry contained info about the status of my GUI as well as this movie.

PS - Since I don't always title my entries, I'm going to start using quotes from my favorite shows; mostly Futurama and Family Guy.
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Still getting black-on-black foreground/background. Must be the Christmas theme I'm using. Is there any way for you to fix that? [crying]

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Original post by HopeDagger
Still getting black-on-black foreground/background. Must be the Christmas theme I'm using. Is there any way for you to fix that? [crying]

Crap, I'll see what I can do!

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Ok, one last time. I checked with all 3 themes and I can see the text now; how about you guys?

Sorry it took so long; I was planning on doing it last night, but I ended up staying the night at my step-family's house.

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