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yey more pictarrrrs

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Wednesday, Dec 6

So my best friend Sasha got his mitts on a PS3 on Monday. He's been looking all over for one, and so has every parent of the kids on his pre-team (he coaches gymnastics too). One of the moms was at Toys R Us buying a totally unrelated gift and overheard a clerk at the checkout on the phone with someone telling them they had just got in two. TWO, mind you. Holy crap Sony's belly is so empty of consoles now they can only crap em out in single minuscule digits. But anyways that mom quick snapped up one of em and Sash is now a happy camper. So I was at his house last nite playing Resistance: Fall of Man, the game that came with his console. It was pretty damn good. Of course I didn't have the heart to tell him that PCs have enjoyed graphics of this quality for the past 2-3 years. But it's also a first-gen launch title, I didn't expect it to make full use of the PS3's power anyways.

So yea I didn't get to bed until like 6:30 and totally slept through my alarm for an hour after waking up and hitting the snooze button. My boss calls me up and she's like "It's 5 past 1" and I'm like "Wha?? It was 12 o' clock like five mins ago I swear!". Oh well so it goes [smile]

Well, got some good work done on Blitz Blox tonight. Some of the things that hampered me tonight were so stupid though - mistakes I made because I hadn't programmed TGB in a few months. Argh. Prob wasted almost two hours on stupid mistakes from not paying close enough attention to what I was doing. Yeesh. But I got the main menu and settings menu up and running, and I can even load the game and watch a few blocks drop. Wheeee. So no serious game coding yet still, I have more work to do on the GUI and general framework of the game's data structure and whatnot. But it's progressing well. Here's some more candy.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing up the menus, and hopefully getting a start on the game's database.
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