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Well, I'm at my parents for the weekend, as they're having a few parties, and, well, free beer. This is the second time in about a month and a half that I've been here... Weird. It does mean however that I can't work on my engine, which I've been getting back into alot recently. It's great, I find myself nearly not going to the pub to do some coding. Ah well, at least I'm starting to get a team together now, and not a silly internet one ( well, not fully anyway ), but a "I've actually met this person and talked face to face about it" kinda thing. It's much better, I've had some bad experiences with managing teams on the internet before. The last one, I had really bad trouble with programmers, I either had to tell them exactly what to do and how to do it, in which case I might as well just do it myself, or they considered us "too professional". Hopefully this will fair better, as we have a writer on the team now, and can actually plan things to a much higher detail. Still, there's not going to be a game at all unless I get this engine going, I've nearly finished the whole shader/material system now, which is sweet as. Totally scripted, and pretty damn powerful.

I just fixed a computer of my dads, and... It was really odd. It used to work, apart from the CD ROM drive however which was totally shite. So, I replaced it for him ( this was about a month ago ). I didn't bother turning on the PC to check to see if it worked, because I've done it a million times before, and it was bound to. It didn't however, and it couldn't find the harddrive. So, I opened it up, and found that the harddrive was the slave, but the jumpers were set to single drive. Hmmm. I never altered the jumper settings on the harddrive when I fitted the new harddrive, so it's always been like that. Also, the previous cdrom was also the primary on the channel. So how the hell it was working before I don't know. Bizarre.

Anyway, dads just got back with beer... Bah, he never bought Fiddlers Elbow or Hobgoblin like I told him to.. Ah well, at least he got some Old Peculier.

Until the next time I feel like rambling about nothing much in particular...
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