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huh, a code folder?

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wow, i've actually been doing stuff and for some reason i haven't been mentioning it here. looking through my code folder, it seems i picked up ActionRPG and started anew with it - even stepping past Animate Demo. from aug31 to oct27 i have a bunch of entries in a journal.txt in the root folder. yay? yay! in fact, i had a whole bunch of projects started up and for some reason i don't even think about them most of the time. at the same time, i wonder why i don't have MORE projects on the go in there.

the code is fugly, and the gfx directory is awful. the animation files are text files! blarg. the animation frames aren't on combined sheets! ugh. i even had to go through like 10 constant strings to change the directory names. since i learned about stl's string i wonder why i ever did without them.

i could see myself take up the reigns on this again in my downtime. in fact, why AREN'T i? [grin]

i guess the problem was that i didn't really want much more out of this than a diablo-clone zelda-thingy. didn't have really high expectations out of it. that's no excuse, though, i want to do it anyways. anyways, back to reminiscing..

[edit: removed link to demo, see next post about reasoning]
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