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Been working on the gui & related things.

One of the new features yesterday was giving the player elements in certain situations. There are 9 total elements, including carbon, silicon, iron and 6 colored crystals that can be mined by the player during the game.

The 3 metals can be used in various proportion to modify & upgrade weapons. The 6 crystal types can be attached to weapons in order to give the bullets extra effects, like slow, confusion, reduced accuracy, shield disruption, etc.

The player can find these elements in mineral deposits on various levels, and scan them in order to add the constituents to his inventory.

So, now the game gives the elements to the player, and displays them via the colored bars.

I also added emissive not just for entities, but for world geometry as well. It makes the teleporter and the computer display look much better. Next is to add some sort of variation so the computer screens can change, and the teleporter glow can intensify over time.

Tomorrow I should finish the rest of the bottom gui, including a background texture, some text weapon stats, and some rearrangements.

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