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Not really.

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My father and I have always had an express interest in cacti, for about as long as I can remember. My dad owns well over 350 different species of cacti and succulents. As much as I want them, I don't have any pictures of the swathes of cacti we have lying around the pad at the moment. I do, however, have a picture of my personal favorite cactus, affectionately called Bob.


Bob has been with us for many moons.

I have a new cacti that is currently adorning my room, and have yet to name him. I am going to take this opportunity to let you, the cgs development journal (I wish) reader, decide. I'll pick the best one, or something like that. Nothing vulgar please. Due to a slight bug in the matrix known as 'stupidity', my camera did not flash appropriately when my trigger finger fell. Therefore, it will be sacked. But I digress.


That picture is like a ghetto-macro. I just switched my Canon PowerShot A520 to manual focus and did it myself. This camera has world-ending power I tell you.

Takers? I give out free cookies.*

For those curious few, I'm still chugging away at the MIDI controlled monster Christmas tree. I promise to get some form of pictures up here. It's actually really interesting.

In other news, I've decided to attempt the impossible. I'm going to construct an OMGWTFBBQU-powered shoverboard. If you don't know what shoverboard is, then you need to start watching Rocketboom. Now.

* - Terms and conditions apply. At this juncture in our quantum time space, there is no actual cookie.
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I used to have cactus plants, but I would always forget to water em and they'd wither after a few months. I'm kinda terrible with remembering things like that...

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