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I has a flavour.

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Here's Ravuya, to save you from the drudgery of your daily existence. All hail the Ravuya.


I write code. Not lots of code, since I have exams, but enough to get by. I've been working on the controller classes and my SWIG bindings for Lua. I really need to learn SWIG-script much better, because it seems to be unbelievably powerful although it generates this terrible, STL-internals-looking code and I don't like 'buying' code from outside, particularly when it's particularly procedural, which this certainly is.

Right now I'm debating how to implement item types; obviously I have several types of items (weapon slot, armour slot, power slot, shield slot, engine slot, resource/commodity, generic cargo). In Glow I just implemented methods like isWeapon() and then used that to figure out what happened when you right clicked the item (normally the Item would use its use() method, but Weapons override the use() method to shoot a bullet, so right clicking them really equips them). That was pretty messy, so I'm sort of wondering if there's a better way to explain "slot types" and the like without having to make a big mess.

In any event, progress is still going forward and I expect to get lots done after my exam; expect a demo or something so you can jump between systems, or at least a Youtube video post.

Other Gamedev Work

I'm working on a Quake3 level loader & renderer for Propane Injector, because the format seems very easy to work with. I don't think the latest version of GtkRadiant works properly on Intel OS X, but nonetheless I may just use Quake3 for my map format instead of my TWERP XML format.

School work

I finished my raytracer, and lots of people in the lecture liked it. Once I get my grade, I'll slap up some hot source so you guys can take a poke at it; there's a lot of little bugs I made.

Anyway, here's a screenshot from it (showing off my crappy MD2 loader and buggy surface normals): Clicky (640x480). Here's something that looks WAY better: unfiltered sphere textures.

I wish I didn't have so many assignments, otherwise the raytracer absolutely would have had proper shadows, vertex normals for triangles, texture filtration and anti-aliasing.

I've got two big assignments due today, so more later tonight after they're done. [smile]

Link of the Day

Pencil Art
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Q3 maps, huh? Does this mean you'll be leaving the happy world of tile based maps?

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It's my first step really into the world of 'proper' 3D maps. I'll probably end up not using Q3 maps, but instead rolling my own editor and format (TWERP) and using that.

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